Prior to meeting with David, my wife, Stephanie, and I met with several home builders — all of which seemed professional and had great products. However, none of them offered the personalization and genuine compassion that David did. I knew from the word ‘go’ that this was the guy I wanted to build my dream home!

~ Kory & Stephanie Hooks

My wife and I recently embarked on the infamous “nerve racking” custom home construction odyssey.
Being an uptight and meticulous mechanical engineer by trade, it was natural for me to be as detailed as possible. So I interviewed nine different home builders in our area. I reviewed the quality of their ongoing workmanship currently under construction at the time and talked with as many of their customer base home owners as possible.
David Adams’s professional approach to home building combined with their positive “can do” attitude resulted in an excellent quality home that fit the needs of my family and I. David Adams constructed our new home on time and on budget, as promised. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering having a new custom home constructed.
– extremely satisfied new home owner,

~ Kurt Heunemann

We’re so happy in our new home. Although we were a bit nervous about the building process, your enthusiasm and willingness to help us create our dream home removed those apprehensions. You answered all questions. We know you went the extra mile to ensure that we were totally satisfied.
Our guests also immediately recognize the quality and detail of your work. We are simply thrilled!

~ Sincerely, Pat and Brenda Conway

As first time home builders, we were nervous about the building process. But your enthusiasm and willingness to help us create our dream home relieved those apprehensions. When we had questions during the building process, you answered them. When problems arose, you fixed them. We know you went the extra mile to ensure that we were totally satisfied.
Not only us, but all our guests also immediately recognize the quality and detail of your work. We are very satisfied by our new home and would not hesitate to have David Adams build us another home.

~ Pat and Brenda Conway

We cannot say enough about the professionalism and integrity of David Adams. Everything we did with him was up front and in the open. Not only did he build quality into every inch, he made us feel at ease as we went through the process from start to finish.
We would not hesitate to recommend him to your best friends or family members. We love our home and are glad to now call David our friend!

~ Col. J. Collin and Jane Andrus

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Having known David since his early years in building industry we came to appreciate and respect the integrity he brings to home building. Since his whole working life has revolved around residential construction, it was without a doubt we were going to have him build us a dream home. He did not disappoint. All work was done with professional craftsmanship in timely manner and final approvals were by David himself as if it were his own home. Working with someone like David whose business involves his first hand supervision insures the final product is to his personal satisfaction but most importantly that of the new homeowner.

~ Jim and Carol Franko

David kept his promises! When he tells you he offers top-notch service, he means it!

~ Kory Hooks

We cannot thank you enough for making our “dream” become a reality. We are recommending David Adams to everyone we know!

~ Dennis & Jackie Hayslip

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When David Adams asked me if I would write a letter of recommendation for him, I didn’t hesitate. This testimonial was easy for me to write.

David is not only a person of integrity, he is an honest builder and family man.  He personally built my dream home on Lake Weatherford in 2014.  He is a local builder who is hands on and visits his job sites daily.   He is great to guide one through this process from start to finish.  He is very conscious of your price point and does all he can to keep one within budget.    

During this journey, I could always depend on his straight forward approach and experience to make this process friendly and cost effective.  He is energetic, accurate, fair minded, dependable, and most importantly, possesses a wonderful sense of humor.  He is not afraid to tell you like it is.  I respect that in him.

I am pleased to have chosen David Adams to be my builder and I would use him again! 

Do yourself a favor. Hire David Adams Custom Homes for your next new home or remodel.


~ Becky Hanley-Sharp